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Welcome to Iowa Publications Online - Iowa Publications Online

Welcome to Iowa Publications Online

Welcome to Iowa Publications Online, established and operated by State Library of Iowa. This website is an online archive of documents produced by Iowa state agencies and intended for use by the general public.

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24813Models for Career Education in Iowa, 19753
26391CIRAS Annual Report, 20052
26528Quick Facts 3rd Quarter, FY172
32216Facilities Governance Report: Board of Regents, February 6, 20072
25556Iowa Geological, January 1991, no. 162
28439Iowa Influenza Surveillance Network: Weekly Activity Report, Week 43, October 27, 20182
25241Iowa Aviation System Plan 2010-2030: Individual Airport Report; Iowa City Municipal Airport, June 8, 20112
26380CIRAS News, Spring 2016, Vol. 51, no. 32
275372014 OCIO Annual Report, Appendix B, 20152
27793Audit report of the Board of Regents for the year ended June 30, 20172

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